Don’t condemn wine for its bad taste, – blame winemaker

Wino Festival. Sicily

_MG_6761_2Mediterranean climate is very favorable for grape growers. Sicily, an island located in the West of Italy is far separated from the mainland, and is protected from the sharp fluctuations in climate change. Its temperate climate is propitious for wine makers who have created a special wine recipes in Sicily, which is not anywhere else in the world. Sicilian wines have particularly delicate flavor. Even red wines, produced in France and Spain, which are characterized by a sharp taste – Sicilian wines do not show this. Needless to say, it is thanks to the favorable climate of the Mediterranean basin.

Sicilian endowed with a quick temper will not stand aside waiting for an invitation. Wine Festival that takes place once a year, after the crop is harvested, brings together wine producers from all over Sicily’s neighborhoods. Not need to be a special expert to say definitely, there are no wines…   … read more …

Locksmith thoroughly toiled for two days in order to break the heavy safe doors. Doors were not been opened for eighty years, and behind them, in the dark and silence lay a mystery. The previous owner had lost the key and did not know anything to tell the new owner, what is behind the locked door. Using advanced scanning technique which sometimes changed _MG_0531by heavy hammer bang, heavy doors finally surrendered. It is quite a long period, to keep in the dark, the mystery that over time are being embellished and covered with the rumors.

At a moment when the heavy doors were opening, the owner expected to see something else (what? he did not say), before his eyes, on the shelves, covered with dust were lying around two hundred different brands of wine bottles. When we cleaned the dust off an old bottle of wine, there had seen bottled date that showed 1974 – Produced in Portugal. It was a unique discovery, in  own house. It took a long time to clean up all the bottles from dust. It showed all the old wine collection, manufactured from 1960 to 1980 mainly from Sicily, Spain, France, Portugal. Wine, more than forty years old.

This event should be celebrated, and the idea was, to open some of the old bottles of wine and taste it.

0008 copy_MG_1963
However, at first, was invited a wine expert to verify the validity of the wine. After, opening wine bottles, we got the sad news. Expertise says, wine consumption is not usable. Each next opened bottle saddened us more and more. Rancid taste showed that it could be full of toxic sludge to a degree, that is dangerous to human life. Ekspersts explained that the basement has not been ventilated for a long time, which was the reason for the accumulation of various types of bacteria, allowing them time to time, through the bottle corks get into the _MG_6998 Barman's pocket knife.NLwine. According to the expert conclusion, this product may cause dangerous effects if used for  consumption. Consequently, in order to prevent any recurrence, a decision was taken: all the bottles of wine by its contents are subjected to destruction.

It was painful to watch the destruction of an old winemaker’s work, which otherwise could have been auctioned in the campaign.


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