Adieu to the Queen, Long Live the King!

_MG_7234.last queenIf, in these days you are in Europe, then try to get in the heart of Holland – the capital city Amsterdam. 27th April, the Dutch celebrate King’s Day, or as the Dutch say – Koningsdag. In this day, all of Holland celebrates King Willem- Alexander’s birthday. What, though this day is so attractive that the whole world is curious to take part in this day?

It is an Orange color that evokes history, and in which, today is dressed all Holland. Without exception, big or small, young or old, that color decorates all and everywhere, and only in this day. Dutchman sweeps out of the home, the household things, right there on the street, and sell them for a tiny money. Amsterdam this day is rich with a variety of performances and small stages, that can be seen on every street corner. Anyone can show itself in all kinds of forms. And of course small fairs, rich in home-made snacks. In King’s day, the Dutchman is a completely different person, and it is worth to see. Welcome to the King’s Day, 27th April. Amsterdam.

The Queen’s Beatrix official birthday on April 30 was celebrated in the Netherlands each year until 2013. In 2014, following the Queen’s  abdication, it was replaced by King’s Birthday, which falls on April 27 and further celebrated as King’s Day.


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