Which is the most dangerous road in the world?

_MG_1972 Ivalde&Mansvel Valencia. Jerez

Ivalde & Mansvel Valincia family. Jerez

There is difficult in Europe to find a location where you can still find the old running door-less trams, with rattling wheels overcome rail missing links and make tourists look back, what’s that strange sound. Has long vanished memories of the old trams, which were dragged by horses in Amsterdam, Riga, London …

Today, the old trams are like urban decoration. They have been transferred to the needs of tourists, shaking them through the streets of the old town. However, when you are in Portugal, one of the old cities Lisboa, old tram artery is pulsating even today. This is not just a tourist temptation, it is a daily routine seeing the brightly yellow tram conveying townspeople to the work, – pupils to school.

Clink clank – tram stops. Passengers climb over the   … read more …

For someone who had tasted the dizzy bends in Peru,  will say, I have experienced nothing terrible. The one who had traveled to the Himalayan mountain range, certainly will horrify about road hazards. It is a romance that fascinates you on the fabulous valleys, where people live, and horror is perceived as an everyday’s elixir.


Gilcinela Rodiegues. Bilbao

However, there are people who are able to find the romance in everyday work. Town, in which they were born, studying, working and keep pace with the daily routine. It is Gilcinela Rodiegues, tram driver.

_MG_1629 driver.Manos Thapa.27.Ktm

Manos Thapa 27 buss driver. Nepal

They survive the romanticism in own  work, which is full of adventures.

Thapa 27, from Nepal is still little experienced. He can not be called a road-wolf, due to his low seniority. However, life is in front of him. Thapa has traveled almost the whole of Nepal. He adorns his bus TATA, made in India. He is a Hindu by faith. Whenever the bus is going to cross the river, before the bridge and after, his hand is touching the icon. It helps, he says. On the question, which is the most dangerous sections of the road in Nepal, Thapa begins to tell his adventures. Frankly speaking, I like just those routes that are most dangerous. And these are the hill district roads. In particular, they are dangerous during the rainy season, when the earth suddenly slips out under your feet.

Truck drivers sometimes overestimate the existing circumstances, and often get into a dangerous situation. Over this period, the road bends are very dangerous, when they create complex situations to exchange with an oncoming car. As well as the mountain passes, where the roads are often icy. If the 12 ton truck starts to slip it is difficult to tame. Drivers, in such cases, jumps out of the cabin door. Driving a passenger bus must assume great responsibility. However, the being situation on the road is always other, especially during the night. I have often been taken over by a feeling that the end has just arrived. Maybe that’s why I love my job. It is full of romance.

P.M. Eurasia


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