Friends? … for a while!


 When the feathers are flying through the air …

If  some english gentlemen’s first waypoint after work is a pub to watch the football match, meanwhile the Philippines, grabs a rooster under his arm and hurries to the arena.

  What inspired people to watch cock fights, or in public, fighting acts between people and between beasts? The ancient Roman emperor Julius Ceaser was passionate sex fondling, and before going to love affair, ordered the youngsters to play in front of him, an theatrical performances with all sexual perversity as a human mind is able to figure out. Just as modern self-inspired by sex videos. The pursuit of power, prehistoric man took a primitive form that were more often obtained by force.

Those who came to power, they had many followers. However, those who were the losers – they were often left alone. However, both sides,  losers and winners got interested in the manner, how the victory was gained. Ridden by ambition and self-pride man recalled wrestling events in front of the public. In this way, demonstrating martial art and wisdom, which, with curiosity been watched by the viewer. In ancient times those fights were called as knights fighting. Later,-  duels, boxing matches and other sporting disciplines. Undeniably, spectators were invaded by a mystical power, and also some envy – to be equivalent. The show had a kind of ritual significance, too. The way in which the fight took place, how intensely… Of it, was able to predict the future outcome of the upcoming battle. A special role in this kind of ritual…   … read more …

_MG_1470. Armen 24. JeparaToday isnt Armen’s Happy Day. As he had intended. Neatly groomed and fed, already two weeks before the cock fighting cock betrayed him. Already in the first round, after intense affray it lost an eye. And now, the judges decided to disqualify. However, Armen isn’t much worried, because his friend has remained alive and it is the most important. So some scratches and lost one eye. “Will buy a young cock, feed up and then again start once more,” says Armen 24.  Jepara.

P.M. Indonesia. Philippines


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