Strawberry Festival

Is Strawberries the best…

_MG_2490It will be difficult to find another so grateful berries, as strawberries. Its taste both adults and children. Wonderful color, rich in various vitamins, they are the basic product and used as an additive to almost all dishes.

What kind of food can be produced using strawberries? – it seems that there is no limit. Food range is huge. They are as a successful additive to dessert dishes. As a small stylistic additive, it can supplement to the hot food table and fits well with cold dishes as a product filling. And if they are accompanied by drinks with sweet strawberry flavor, that lifts you almost heaven, then you can imagine how rich and rational utility strawberries are. The wide range of products could be seen in the Strawberry Festival, Philippines.


The climate is so favorable that nature gives people two, and even three harvests a year. There has to be a specialist to be able to navigate trough the spacious strawberry fields and species. Of particular sweet and semi-sweet to the sour, and even with a slightly bitter taste. Where last ones are used as an additive for wine fermentation. Strawberry Wine, the name alone is enticing and invites to taste. And of course a small sip of the
refreshing wine in the tropical land, will give you a pleasant intoxication.

_MG_2479However, this is not the only surprise that causes this color rich festivals. Besides a wide range of food and
drink, you can see the offal, made by adding and processing the berries. Strawberry candy,
caramel, ice cream, – a variety of colors. Even holding in hygienic products, – strawberry soap, strawberry shampoo, face cream, strawberry oil (which sounds rather confusing). Different from the product derived concentrates, tea, strawberry powder … It is the abundance of product that strawberries can cause.

P.M. Philippines

* * *

_MG_9307 Herbas. FrMarket place, it is like an exhibition where the visitor is surprised not only on prices, but each owner’s ingenuity to demonstrate their product.

_MG_9448 berry. Fr

In contrast to the supermarkets’ packaged goods, when the buyer is lured by the colorful packaging of goods, in the market it is quite different. Each item in smaller portions is advertised separately and even allowed for tasting.

Let us look in one of the markets in Avignon, France, and make sure how tempting they are. Β 


Meat products


Let’s go shopping!

P.M. Avignon. Fr.


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