Pat your house pets…

_MG_0843 leap. SM.FrThis game is somewhat similar to the Spanish Corrida, but without any intention to kill the bull. The neat guys take a great deal of risk. If Spanish matador holding a sword to kill the bull, then in the hands of these young people is a simple hair comb to tickle the bull’s forehead.

This game is full of humor and courage, and not everything always goes as smoothly as… Often, just barely young matadors manage to escape from the bull’s horns.

Let’s take a look, from the very beginning of this game how it starts.

_MG_0328 participants. Fr

Once voiced out the last musical notes of paseo, the arena for a moment remained silent. Then the big gates opened, and through them the arena marched briskly young men. The audience cheers ten stately young men who dressed in dazzling white suits. They are marching out an honorary circle and take their seats at the barriers. Arena is oblong in shape, with round edges separated by approximately 1,80cm high fence painted red.

All attention is now paid to the… →   … read more …

* * *

An bouquet for you, my dear!

_MG_0192 Grab...FrFrench cavalier, have transformed the arena into a real paradise of pleasure. Respecting the various complaints from animal welfare organizations about the cruel killing of animals, the french gentlemen turned to other strength and agility demonstration models in the arena.

_MG_2148 copy copy    As the french themselves use to joke, The Cavalier not always need to have a weapon in the hands to gain public sympathy.  … And, if it is a tuft of flowers which must be subtracted from another rider, then this game is to show a real rider’s agility.

But it is worth the endeavor to get the applause of the fair sex.

P.M. Arles. Fr.

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