… I will die with it.

From a very early morning hours until the sun goes dawn behind the mountains, pani gives me life force throughout the day. I was born and will die with it.

_MG_6317 river.Np

This is a huge natural wealth flowing from snowy mountain peaks. When the morning sun begins to paint the Himalayas that shines out a wide range of colors, from the night’s sleep slowly wakes up a major artery. It is still ice-high. Giving birth droplet by droplet, it receives the sun caresses and with every next moment turn into a small rivulet. Increasingly taking heat, soon turns into irrepressible mountain river. Thus, the flow of the day-night for thousands of years, keeps the Himalayan Mountains. 

Gata ( ghatta ) watermills

_MG_6286 water mills.NpOver time, people have become accustomed to the vagaries of climate and permanently settled in the foothills. This is a rather dangerous way of life in the mountains. Snowy peaks in the spring begins to melt and bubbling mountain river runs in a scary speed, wiping down everything in its path. Sometimes people have had to give up in front of the nature, and at the beginning of the spring launch the nomadic way of life. However, the mountains are always captivating them to come back. One of the reasons is freely available natural resources, – and it is water. Like a small river, it flows past the each hill house. Water brings energy in the household. It is bracing and crystal clean. Rich in various minerals. It should not be subjected to thermo-treatment before use.

Cereal grinding process between the millstones

_MG_4633 mountain river.Np copy copy

Cereals from tank opening is transferred in millstone hole. let the grains would not get stuck, at the opening has attached a small block. Faced with stone’s jagged surface that keeps vibration. Thus ensuring a constant supply of grain. Etched in gutters, forming a curved shape, thus providing a flour extortion along the edges of the tray.      →   … read more …




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