… and again the British

 The English by nature, always want to fight their neighbors for no reason, which is why they all die badly.    Journal d’ un Bourgeois de Paris.

_MG_0025Watching EP Members checkmate during Brexit, thoughts leads, there is something that concerns this bureaucratic authority. When I questioned the British on their position about the referendum, the answer reminds me of the colonial times. The period in history when the British Empire expanded in all continents. By force, or through diplomatic channels, the British invested a lot. It created, in the 19th century most powerful naval fleet and developed a national transport artery. Thus, providing benefits to the British Crown. How much benefited was colonized countries, it would be another story. However, clearly we can say that the empire and imperial thinking, for englishman is like a legacy. The English gentlemen’s obsession, in football and arrogance, have shows that there is a lot of equality. Wether over the centuries it has disappeared?

But no, the 23th of June, showed the attitude of the referendum expressed by the slogans before. “What does the EU do? Liberty UK! We dream of the colonies.” Milestone with the decision – Enough! arose to the public by the mass immigration that flooded not only England, but almost all of Europe. Those who know history will not be surprised, why refugees are going directly to England or France. Refugees were headed by single thought, that those empires are responsible for the deliberately caused mass migration, so forcing them to compensate for the damage caused. Such action, which sounds more like an ultimatum, requires any refugee who arrives in England, not to mention the human rights. When I asked a number of refugees who have just overcome the difficult path from the war zones in Africa, do you feel lucky in England? Their feelings of happiness could understand; despite the fact that their pockets are empty, forced to spend nights on the street, they felt happy .. because here nobody shoot us.


Only after years spent, when dreams for the future have collapsed, in the face of life’s stark reality, the refugees are placed in front of the grim dilema. And asking themselves, why I am here, in the West-loved-hated  world?   … soon more…


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