The France depravity of taste

_MG_1673 copyMinisters in medieval castles, was often busy to entertain the guests. A small moment of respite after a long journey and guests were invited to the dinner table. Depending on the guest nobility, respectively, it was served table, a special hall. Ministers were quite tormented. It supposed to entertain every guest, and then sit down together at the dinner table.

No wonder that ministers occasionally under the pretext of being busy, suddenly left the guests, and went straight to the doctor. Belly was so-full, and still…, ought to entertain the next guests… Like it or not, it was necessary to ask the doctor to make an enema. Or at best, all that was tucked into the stomach, spew out of the mouth, which was much more efficient. It is applied many distinguished guests to an evening visit, and once again the Minister will need to take a seat at the meal table. Of course, with an empty stomach! The French _MG_1002 France.12ctgourmets knew how to pamper their ventricles. However, if the problem happened, next to room the doctor was already waiting for, who knew where the hole and the shove. Overeating during working hours, it could be regarded as the norm, and a small pretext of “exit” was not considered as a violation of the Code of ARISTO.

In other cases, and in other colors should be described the French dressing style. As the French say, avoir le moral – to feel good. Everything that makes happy is morality. But where both started, happiness and morality? Milestone in American fashion industry began with…   → read more …

P.M. France



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