Get it down…

There is no need to look for the origins of this village tradition. Its best to see and enjoy – and if you’re unsure of your dexterity – then even to take part.

_MG_9795 put down a bull. Fr

When exactly this everyday rural tradition began that has become a kind of picnic, and today attracts a lot of tourists, no one knew to say. However, it is a French farm worker daily life, and more about it …

In a small mead south of France, at the end of  a week local people find quite sporty hobbies. Among young people, it is very popular because it requires a large degree of agility.

Along the main street runs bull. To the joy of the audience, the guys catch a bull and try to get it down.

Guys are trying to outdo each other with strength and agility, all around but the girls… To avoid injuries the bull horns are covered with leather glove.

Forced migration when the bull is to be transported to other pastures, sometimes creates a concern to the farmer. The bull must be separated from the common herd. If, it is too aggressive, in order to appease a bull, on the nose…        … read more …

P.M. France

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