The secret of longevity

_MG_0044I asked her just one question, what is your secret of longevity?

The old lady was silent for a moment… I had hoped to hear a short answer, but after a long silence, she began to outline the entire story of her one hundred and ten-year-long life, full of pleasures and experiences. Sometimes eagerly, sometimes non-stop, she remembered childhood course, in a so bright expression that I was afraid oppose her  to continue the story.

With the difficulties of life, the old lady met in early childhood: parents lost. Full experience of childhood gradually established a strong character and constantly tamed self-sufficiency.

Wether her harsh life story could be seen as the secret of longevity? To the question she had no direct answers. In her’s long life story, I also did not find something that could be described as a longevity elixir. However, clearly, I had to agree that there was nothing else but hard work, bushy loving family, and most importantly, to dwell on the good memories.

P.M. Nepal

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