The Long Ideological Path

_MG_4169What an old Indian saying says, In a house where there is no child, it brings misfortune. A human mission on earth is to create offspring. It is the essence of evolution, which has never been the Beginning, and which will never have the End. Although the world’s population is increasing year by year, however, the population density on the globe is uneven, but rather it shows a great contrast between continents and countries. What is the basis for such a different formation? There are many criteria that could give an answer to the unequal population on the planet.

*From the moment when human being took the first steps on the surface of the earth, he tried to find a suitable habitat for existence;  the environment.
*It is a lifelong biological call, or a gift of god, to establish a family and to create offspring;  the social hierarchy.
*Family formation perception, or understanding sometimes differs dramatically, in the context of social status. In the Western world, social status is judged by other criteria, e.g. during the formation of the family the priority is given to the accumulated capital. As contradictory to this, one can put forward a different ideology of the African and Asian countries, during the process of formation of a family, where human is the main person in the formation of it; that is, the ideology of existence. 

_MG_7936 street boys.Tapl.Np

Taplejung boys, Nepal


Village boys, Gambia







It is interesting to observe the understanding of these ideologies in different parts of the globe. For example, in the African countries, regardless of the correct choice of place of residence, social status has not been an obstacle to the creation of offspring in the family, and in large number.

This is a vivid example of natural, hence the proper understanding of family values and significance, not only at the local, but also national level. And yet, the question arises why sometimes people with a stable social status and sufficient financial well-being can not create a such simple and natural things as a family.

If we continue to explore the interests of women and men in the western world, then personal capital is  a key criterion, and acts as a gauge of value among them. The higher the social status and the higher the capital, the greater the ability of both sides to find common interests and create a family. However, nature has its own laws and no money can change it.

_MG_4362Imagine a 50-year-old man with a good financial backing, in the beginning of the creation of the family. This should not be repeated, that, the strongest love is in the years of youth. What a woman, who is so eager to fulfill her mission will do with a man who is already bare head and under the trousers there is nothing else to look for. In his 50s, a man has come in front of an insurmountable dilemma, why? The answer is quite simple, the latter has ignored what nature has given him. It would be totally wrong to blame someone else or the wealth he created by himself.

The woman perceives the world differently, with sounds that, in the form of poetry, conquer her soul. A man’s understanding of the world is in his own sphere of sight. He sees the beauty of a woman in motion. However, if the victim is properly perceived, then, in your thoughts, create a man dressed in women’s cloths,, and silently observe the man’s reaction. If the rating is determined at first glance then the same-sex pair hands each other. When the eyes of both men are met, then guided by a human instinct and curiosity, both should see who is hiding behind the partner’s clothes. Until then, standing in front of each other in Adam’s suit.

While scientists judge whether homosexuality is an illness or genetic heritage, the world exists in its relentless essence. The rest is only speculative speeches, with politically and economical flavors.

P.M. Amsterdam



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