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” Is it ever going to be, when everything on our planet will be discovered? When there will be no white spots on the earth? – It never will be. Africa is an Land, – full of mysteries and undiscovered secrets. Without these secrets, the world will no longer exist.” 




mapa-africa1It is a continent that has been telling the history of the world’s richest countries’ cultures and traditions, from the reckless times to the present. The countries in the richest continent of the world, which were knowledgeable in natural sciences, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, already in the first millennium,  however, whose inventions were sometimes violently exploited by modern civilization.

Africa has claimed its existence 7 million years ago. The pre-human species that differed from the ape and resembled the primitive human form with half the volume of the brain, begun around 2.5 million years ago.

From this continent also began the millions of years of migration to today’s Eurasia and further down the Bering Strait to the American

Who can count Africa? More than 2000 languages, twice as many dialects … and the number of states and tribes who inherit and respect the tradition of the saints.

Africa – it’s a continent full of mysteries.