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(4) The world of broken souls

It’s a world where anyone can enter, but it’s almost impossible to get out of it. This is said by those who are no longer alive and who have come to this hopeless world and can not find an answer, to get out of it.

This is Kenya’s shame, where desperate people come together from all over Africa. I was able to enjoy and see the despair and inability, with which the inhabitants of slum awoke and went to bed in the evening. There was neither today nor tomorrow, only the hopeless existentialism, that kept up the flame of hope.

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P.M. Kenya


(3) Costal life

African West Coast warm Atlantic waters are tempting. They generously reward fishermen with seafood, but are sternly against irresponsibility. Every month, the ocean takes a human life, as if maintaining a kind of mutual balance between man and nature.

_MG_9287. Omar Sare.(20)Tanjen,W-Africa

Today is Omar’s …

Today is Omar’s Sare 20, good day. He can enjoy, the boat is full of fish, and it must be delivered in the market as soon as possible. 
Yesterday the forecast announced bad weather and Omar have given up hope of a big catch. However, early in the morning everything have changed for good. Now his hands are full,  as he is posing, and have administer and weigh a fish. Production spoils quickly. Atlantic waters on the west coast of Africa are tempting. They are generous to seekers, but sternly against the workers. Every month, ocean takes up a human life, thus preserving the mutual balance between nature and man.

Caught fish names;

Ledyfish  –  tonono kajulo

Bonga      –  kobo challo

Baracuda –  sumpat sumpato

Snail         –  yate kano kano


1. Today the fish net …

1. Today the fish net is empty. From the very early morning, the weather was unfavorable. The guy looked forward ocean horizon, hoping for signs of good weather.

2. Guys have noticed the first boat. Watching the draft, it seems that the catch is mighty good. Earning depends on, who will be first to reach the boat. Ocean waves, it is a huge mass of water, and it comes to make a great effort to overcome them.

3. As everywhere, the market have their own agenda, and in coastal waters are no exception. Guys stand in the line and patiently waiting for their turn. On-call, around the boat, patrol the guards and, when necessary can prevent any irregularities.

4. Nature has its own laws, and sometimes it acts too hastily. Large ocean waves, all in one go, can disturb the market order. Now begins a noisy uproar to reclaiming their place in the queue. Sometimes everything turns into a brawl throughness. Guards try everything to put in order. Aggressive boys are apprehended and brought ashore. Here is everything as in all markets.



5. When everything calmed back, bustle disappeared, carriers filled the boxes full of fish hurry ashore to accommodate loads.

6. If anyone consider that the sea routes are safer, it is not quite true. Towards the coast, the carrier is facing a series of surprises. They are “little pirates” who eagerly waiting to test a load and the great moments for something to filch. The load is very heavy, with acrobatic agility, a bearer maintain a balance between the big waves. And then these little thieves, they are too small to reach the box of fish. The smarter uses some tricks, it jumps on the next wave’s back, the wave picks him up, – and just need to stretch a hand,  to…

7. Costal waters are generous with fish, and for the local population its the only source of income. As soon as the guy can climb over the edge of the boat, it travels up to finishing.



P.M. Bacau. Gambia


(2) Do you want to spoil your stomach, mood or …?

This can be done quickly. When you’re hungry, go to some great restaurants. There is no doubt that you will be disappointed by the quality of food, especially in the hot summer’s period. And if you have a friend, a cook, who can tell you about all sorts of tricks that takes place in the kitchen … perhaps you will accept the decision, never never again in large restaurants …

One can argue a lot, about the quality of the food and its presentation. For Europeans – quality has a different concept. More emphasis is placed on the packaging and expiry date of use, and less on its content. Consequently, the consumer is retracted in the trap.


Jacklyne  Kathavi 28  Nairobi

Product and packaging description is far from being content. Basically, food has long been outdated and unhealthy. Food manufacturers are doing everything to artificially maintain the product at the “life”. Just unpacked product must be subjected to thermo-treatment and after, immediately used, otherwise you are putting yourself at risk of poisoning. Food “longevity” has been reached, with spices and subjected to chemical treatment.

Consequently, the food is left lifeless and does not reveal its true flavor. How useful and healthy is such processed foods we can see everyday on the street. Overweight, diabetes, is the “healthy” feed final resultDo you remember the moment when the hostess brought into the room freshly prepared vegetable salad?

Well look, as Jacklyne Kathavi 28, prepares fresh salads, in one of Nairobi’s  market and doing it with a smile. The whole room was filled with a pleasant smell.

Hospitality, smile … it’s like an integral part of  daily work. Muthurva Market. Nairobi.

Working winds were blown me to many countries worldwide. Like all people, I have visited all categories of public catering establishments.


Mutharva Market. Nairobi

Let me be clear that, I and many others who enjoyed it, fresh food that is prepared in front of your eyes gives far more pleasure. It may already criticized that sometimes in the food you can find some bone cartilage, or a tini piece of stone. However, you can be sure it will not cause stomachache. With these foreigns bodies, the organism will cope with. Africans are happy to prepare food, and pays great attention to the preparation.

When as a journalist, I worked in Kenya, during the presidential elections, I often visited Nairobi markets, where could enjoy a freshly prepared meal.The traditional way and simplicity as being a cooked dish, which complements the chef’s kindness, is like a lure to come again and again. I’ve listened to many professional chefs tricks, what they do with outdated dishes and food remnants, and recommendations, which days to attend better and no, public canteens. I prefer better street canteens. I no longer have any desire to visit these restaurants, just to ruin my stomach and mood. Hospitality, smile … it’s like an integral part of her’s daily work. Muthurva Market. Nairobi.

P.M. Nairobi

(1) Tolerance in different situations.

Often in a desperate state man does something inadequate, which, in the normal situation would not be acceptable. It is a deep inner experience, which is caused by external or internal factors. Sometimes it leads to mutual reaction and impacts on the environment.


Let’s share!

I was sent on a mission to Kenya. In the capital and throughout the country was very strained during the presidential elections. I had the task to prepare some interviews. People’s attitude towards the next president, before and after the elections. I and my assistant were chose one of Nairobi city markets, where there was quite busy. The market barely started to pick up speed after tense elections. It was quite difficult, if it is assumed that people are living from hand to mouse. We walked all around the market and were interviewing people. It was very hot, and I decided to buy an apple to cool.

From time to time I bite off a piece. We walked past a shop and my attention was attracted by a man who carefully watched me. The man was watching yet not me, but my half-eaten-apple and with a hint of arms ordered me to stop. I was a little confused about the gesture. Yet the man persisted and asked me to stop. A moment later, he sprang up to me, quickly snatched from my hands my half-eaten-apple and, more in a moment, it was already in his abdomen…

 It was my mistake. Later, I said to my assistant, if he were a young boy, I would have  bought him a whole kg of apples.