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_MG_6022_MG_5989Snakes, like human, have different character. They tend to be peaceful, hard irritable, even in spite of its large size. Nature sometimes surprises us seeing as smaller size copies are endowed with special aggressiveness. The locals who know where to look for the snake places, knew to tell a lot of cases of snake attacks, both man and livestock. Lake Baringo area is rich in natural diversity. Rain periods make up a lot of shallow water reservoirs in maintaining excellent place for migratory birds. Rich in fish and birds it attracts crocodiles who never attacking people.

Shallow spot full of brushwood is a great ambush for big pythons, ready to attack. Snakes are well adapted to shallow waters. On the rocky bottom background is almost impossible to discern their bodies. Sometimes a small movement which causes fluctuations in water, reveals that someone lurking you. I was lucky. At the time, the python with open jaws attacked, I managed to bounce to the side. In order to prevent a new attack, I quickly seized the snake by its neck and tail.

But I did not expect that after my grip, it will calm down … It was quite an impressive sized python, about the size of a hand. Such size python will quickly deal even with adult men, and if there is no helping hand, the outcome can become  fatal. Surrounding the body around the victim, the snake tightens muscles, with ever closer and stronger force. It is like a steel rod, that twined around your body, and which can not be swiveled back. Strength is terrific. The moment after, the victim stops breathing.

Bones_MG_6163 being cracking, breaks down and changes the victim’s body shape. Keeping the victim tightly constrict it launches the victim swallowing. Poison spitting snake, do not allow anyone to get closer to less than half a meter. It occupies the same defensive posture, as any poisonous snake. Lifting body threatening pose, slightly tilting it back, ready to ejaculate poison up to three meters away. When the jaws are wide open, the snake begins to roar. Poison mixed with strong air pressure, setting up the air and poison mixture which due to air pressure are spewed over long distances. After contact with skin, venom causes intense itching, but reaching the eyes – causing blindness.

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P.M. Lake Baringo. Kenya