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The epicenter of the eruption of new ideas and challenges. Who has seen the darkness and enlightenment, and the ages full of contradiction.





European history can be said to have started since Columbus times. When Africa’s Sahara was rich in waters and cities many times richer than present-day London, Europe, surrounded by everlasting woods, was still in deep sleep. Its history begun 500 years ago.

Though on a brutal and tricky path, Europe has learned to accumulate and capture the alien invention. In the world, it has appeared as a new empire, which, having interpreted with inventions, has been able to expand its interests to almost the entire world.

It has strengthened geo-polit-economical interests beyond its borders. Europe has never had a strong motive for unity. Even in the Renaissance, and later, in their opinion, the “great protagonists” of the century, with their own enlightenment ideologies, even further shattered the new Europe.

This is the very symbolism of materialism’s ideology, an environment of capitalism, where human morality can be cherished.