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(3) Get it down…

When exactly this everyday rural tradition began that has become a kind of picnic, and today attracts a lot of tourists, no one knew to say. However, it is a French farm worker daily life, and more about it …

_MG_9703_MG_9787 bull. FrIn a small mead south of France, at the end of  a week local people find quite sporty hobbies. Among young people, it is very popular because it requires a large degree of agility.

Along the main street runs bull. To the joy of the audience, the guys catch a bull and try to get it down.

Guys are trying to outdo each other with strength and agility, all around but the girls… To avoid injuries the bull horns are covered with leather glove.

Forced migration when the bull is to be transported to other pastures, sometimes creates a concern to the farmer. The bull must be separated from the common herd. If, it is too aggressive, in order to appease a bull, on the nose the ring is imposed. If it’s gonna to another village paddocks or pastures along the road that runs through the village, the livestock usually are driven by horsemen. Prodding with a stick on the bull side, riders in a crazy speed ride through the village. Sometimes healing fails. Breaking the siege of the riders, bull starts lawful-step through the village streets.

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It is not a joke, when the enraged bull runs through the streets. Livestock farmers cultivated a special species of bulls intended to fight in the arena. The latter are endowed with a special aggression. Sometimes through the village is to be moved, the horde of angry bulls. In the village it is an event. From near and far environs, people gather in order to participate. When you can discuss all kinds of events. However, the main event is the market. Customers who supply cattle to the different types of consumers, estimate the individual copies and start haggling.

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Catching the escaped bull can to some extent be attributed to market process. It being entrusted to young people. It seems, that the guys just expect to be able to show agility. The bull must be catch, captured and brought down. Young boys whose weight is quite insufficient, one by one are trying to get it along the ground. When that fails, then they try to do it with a joint effort. Even when everyone has jumped on the bull, it is a cinch to disperse kids to the right and left. In one go, the bull picks up in the air two or even three people.

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Locals are watching the game with a sensational interest. In case of a failure, someone is being addressed through the dig. However, with joint efforts, the bull has got a down.

There is no need to seek origins of these traditions. They are as old as mankind. It is better to go to the South of France, and at the weekend enjoy these pleasures. Or even to take part.

P.M.     Taureaux. France

(2) Loneliness

” Not the loneliness is so terrible, but the self-misunderstanding.”

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… what to do..?

  I get into quite an uncomfortable situation, when suddenly need to ask passers-by, where is this or that street, or what time it is?

Imagine how a person feels disturbed, at the time when playing his favorite pieces, or hot conversation with a friend, suddenly, must stop, remove the headphones and you meet with quite dissatisfied face.

From the euphoric dimension unplugged, passer is more shocked than I do.

What do you dare to ask me? You do not own watches, or device which give you the answer, how to find?

“Oh, yes! you are right. However, I must confess that I do not know how to use modern equipment.”

Alas!, “and how do you live?”

“I am in touch with my friends, writing letters, and send them via regular mail. I want something more from a man, want to talk, to hear your voice, emotions, facial features, hand gestures … I love it.“

That’s, what in the daily crowd is so hard to find.

Do you remember the first words you said to your friend? Maybe they were the same simple words, what you are asking on a daily basis, not to passers-by, but damned nonemotional device.

You received emotions, smiles … All the good that man can emit. And maybe those small words were the ones, who brought you together for life.

Ask yourself the question, how many times a day out of your pocket you pull  a cell phone? How much wasted time because of it, to finally realized – much has been said and still nothing.

P.M. Amsterdam

(1) Under the red light shadow

While scientists disagree, whether homosexuality is a hereditary disease or simply depravity, human being continues its evolution, and thanks to God for the opportunity to enjoy sex.

_MG_9521  When it started, only God knows. However, the old Amsterdam monastery preserves historical documents of the guest houses, about the 14th century mysterious girls and men who offered intimate services. Amsterdam’s Golden age was full of mottled events. At that time, the city was a major trading center, and   everyday were visited by hundreds of people of different rank. Wealthy merchants settled in homesteads and stayed in the city for several days. In Old Odezijds Achterburgwal district was a lot of monasteries, that therefore inherited the street name, Monk Street. This region was rich, with a lot of kitchens where travelers could get warm and have a meal. Here also was held an undisguised agreement for intimate services. If, however,  an agreement were reached, without any bias both pairs, rather defiantly went to the agreed place.

The late 16th century, the church was sick of watching these open adultery. Catholic and Calvinist adopted a harsh law, that forbade prostitutes services, and the perpetrators were severely punished in the town square, New Market, the current name. However, the severe judgment on the infringement of the law could not stop the demand and supply of services, and it continued to operate underground. After the Second World War, intimate service changes the exterior design.

Prostitutes can now show itself throughout the body, which was highlighted by the bright lights and colorful decorations, that made customers even for a moment to stop. At first glance, it develops contactless mutual intimacy and now, it is possible to both lovers evaluate each other to start bargaining on the price. Prices for the service is significantly different from the place where prostitutes work. Sex industry is no an exception, and are also taxed. It is hard work, to earn well.

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Red Light distr. Many prostitute cabins along the canal during night time at work. They compete with each other rather hostile manner. Right there in the crowd, sometimes tourist groups or individuals were harassed by pimps. This type of customer recruitment is illegal. By far the best time pickpockets and drug dealership. Under cover of night, here’s checkered life. Alacrity here lasts until the early morning hours, when the streets’ uproar has gradually ceased.

The average price of sex services is € 40, for customer. In the meantime, the time allowed for the customer is 15 to 20 minutes. If the client have a high temper and wants to contact prostitutes body by the hand, like, fondle the breasts, ass, hips, or kiss, as well as photography – it requires an additional fee. If prostitute worked hard,  possible to earn € 500 – 700 per shift. Those who cabins are located in one of the adjacent streets, usually fails, and searching for customers sometimes have to leave the cab. Such behavior is rarely practiced, and very likely, that it will be dealing with the police. The best time is the summer season, when the greater influx of tourists. As well as the carnival and the city-holiday period. Usually the busiest time begins just before nightfall and lasts to 1 – 2 o’clock in the early morning. Why this time is the most active? There are some self-defense role. Darkness is being used as a cover. Many customers feel quite uncomfortable visiting  cabine in a broad daylight. Among the visitors are also government officials who have arrived for business trip, and sometimes want to take a small sidestep. God forbid, if someone caught them, in that moment! Much has changed RLD interior and exterior.

Entering the modern times and techniques, local businessmen have tried a variety of projects in order to attract more customers. One of them, – the idea was to remove prostitutes from the cockpit display windows, replacing them with the props. Cabin windows were presented in a glamorous and rather appealing. Millions were invested. Something, however, did not go as hoped, and customer lines much diminished. It did not help neither audio nor video ads, and businessmen were forced to return to the classical variant. When a few dozen tourists who visited Amsterdam,  and with the only view to enjoy sex services in cabin, were questioned. Their answers were quite shocking, but opened, which were taken into account. “Most of the windows got positive feedback. However, in fact, all as one wanted to see a live body, that even modern technology can imitate.”

If you want to enjoy, what really is a free market, then I will  suggest you, open the cabin doors and start haggling. Price only indicates physical and reversed  part of the coin. The truth, that a man and a woman really wants to gain, you will not get in the cabin, definitely. It’s brutal machinery of sex, about which someone may enjoy telling others, – that you’ve been there. Starting up negotiations on an intimate theme, must be quite restrained, even with the absent-minded Dutchman. Therefore, you do not ask the Dutchman did you ever go to Red Light District? – He will reply with a smile!

P.M. Amsterdam