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(2) The French debauchery of taste.

_MG_1673 copy  Ministers in medieval castles, was often busy to entertain the guests. A small moment of respite after a long journey and guests were invited to the dinner table. Depending on the guest nobility, respectively, it was served table, a special hall. Ministers were quite tormented. It supposed to entertain every guest, and then sit down together at the dinner table. No wonder that ministers occasionally under the pretext of being busy, suddenly left the guests, and went straight to the doctor. Belly was so-full, and still…, ought to entertain the next guests… Like it or not, it was necessary to ask the doctor to make an enema. Or at best, all that was tucked into the stomach, spew out of the mouth, which was much more efficient.

_MG_1019 France 12.ctIt is applied many distinguished guests to an evening visit, and once again the Minister will need to take a seat at the meal table. Of course, with an empty stomach! The French gourmets knew how to pamper their ventricles. However, if the problem happened, next to room the doctor was already waiting for, who knew where the hole and the shove. Overeating during working hours, it could be regarded as the norm, and a small pretext of “exit” was not considered as a violation of the Code of ARISTO. In other cases, and in other colors should be described the French dressing style. As the French say, avoir le moral – to feel good. Everything that makes happy is morality. But where both started, happiness and morality?

_MG_1032 France.12ctMilestone in American fashion industry began with the Hollywood film actress Marilyn Monroe. Her ability to seduce the audience to madness with her graceful stature, indecent manners, which sometimes bordered on the vulgar jumping out. However, she was an actress not a fashion setter. This part of the business was completed by the fashion designers who successfully exploited Merilyn’s flamboyant actress talent.

However, her wardrobe, in a mental sense is not comparable to the whims of the French. If John Lennon once said, before Elvis Presley there was nothing, then to a certain extent can agree. However, the bright talents, for the most part are distorted and become the victims of the western fashion industry. And here is the dividing line between the talent and the requirements of the audience. Whether it is a daring? Whether it is an talent that, upon request, is transformed into a sacrificial lamb? No, it is the French mentality, which sometimes been misunderstood, which brought the world of fashion basics in all colors and shapes. We can genuinely say, that the daring began with Paris and its ARISTO in court. It was a capricious, blatant, but clean and independent of the outside world’s importunity.     With talent born Marie Antoinette cultivated it. She did not give up prejudice and were true to their art to the very last moment at the guillotine.

_MG_0674 Nacritic. FrF_MG_0734 Amandine. Frashion Queen, Marie Antoinette full of cutting edge feeling. Do not repeat what has already been! It would be the boredom of her life. Daily surprises with extravagant outfits, shocked the court from the very morning. Marie not so much changed the court, as herself. What has already been hauled on a back, it is already out of date.

Her capricious nature could never find solace. It was always in search of ideas, and strive for something new, unprecedented. When Fashion Queen commissioned Parisian designer Rose Bertin some new costumes, then, after the first display to the royal elite, they were abandoned to oblivion. No one in the world, has affected the fashion industry like the French queen, Antoinette. The French can be “proud”, and to thank the Queen of the lead-up to national bankruptcy, which led her to the scaffold.

Marseille – a small fashion show with summery attributes

It seems that there is nothing flashy, visible here in this fashion show. Marseille could come up with something grandiose. Summery swelter not indulged the audience to fill the hall. They preferred to relax on the beach. Watching the clothes cut, it can be concluded that, have worked quite hard. However, with model selection is not done enough. Lightweight and flexible dress cut on the models’ height, remains heavy. Slightly overvalued. But that’s also a French style.


However, daring style, uniqueness, since the 19th century when the fashion salons in Paris grew like mushrooms, has created an indelible accent with which you can recognize – it is the French style. Everything else is just a fashion remnants.

P.M. France

(1) Spring breeze for the whole year

An old adage says, people have created clothes to hide the body’s imperfections. In this context – the more clothing, the better. However, how much more? Or how beautiful your body is, to find a suitable outfit.


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Amsterdam Fashion Show

        * * *

Warm spring winds awakens not only nature, but also people, from winter sleepiness. Spring winds blows a new breath, that makes people wake up, throw away the winter drowsiness and see the world in a different color. Goodbye to winter asserted, Mercedes-Benz, and with a fresh accents of this spring, arranges fashion show in Amsterdam.

_MG_4799 copyLet us look at the process. What a new colors and designs will bring, this first spring show. Is it really, like talking about? – Will be something new …The first day of the show came up with awe, slow unlocking and inability to shake up the audience. Eye-catching simplicity, rather clumsy modeling, exacerbate by the material simplicity.




 As usually, the beginning is much more challenging. However, following the first applause dedicated to the modelists, shows gradually assumes a speed and simplicity all in one blink of an eye, turns into an elegant spectacle. It must be said, that modelists slightly sped ahead, daring to show summer costumes. Thin cotton and synthetic fabric shirt, that loosely fits the height, with a little cleavage – just what belongs to the street style. Clothing style continues until the bottom of the garment, keeping on the streamlined shape. Skirt ending just above the knee, in free size, which, as use to say, gives a sexy taste. And encouraging to take an easy step – on the legs are light summer shoes that reveal  toes, in case you want to show your manicure. 


In all other models heats already seen withheld style for each season and the daily rhythm. Sometimes style is like a flight of fancy, a little exaggerated, uncommon, sometimes impractical. However, it is today’s fashion, which has an impact and gives impetus to the idea of the next grain.


Hm … if, with such a stinging words has called the show, then what’s behind all this?

_MG_40121. Windy thoughts in a head, and of course the free-style clothes. Nothing flashy. If only the
high-heeled shoes that give a drop of essence.

2. It seems that they are African accents. Broken colors, chaotically scattered on all the clothes that sometimes turns into a screaming shades. … And it’s all dressed for Europeans
stature? The seriousness is only visible on the legs – and only.

3. It already sounds more seriously. Long sweater with large cut-outs on the front conceals simplicity. Padded shoulders causing overloading of the whole garments, consequently, – loss of elegance.

4. This is some kind of hash of 19th century French fashion style. .. If in the same style were  head-cover on, then it would be the costume’s perfection. In the meantime, nothing more than a plastic shell around the waist.

5. More cold tones. Pretty, slender, streamlined clothes that make up the body gracefulness. Skirt slit in the lower part, is quite challenging. however, this does not conflict with the daily progress and even the evening’s intimate atmosphere.

6. Puerile style. Elegant, peaceful and yet something that provokes an insidious challenge. A balanced style that dares to show itself at any time of the day.

7. It seems, that there is a desire to impress with something,..  Height? Yup! However, it is a thing of the past .. If either solely, put spotlight on a unwieldy shoes …

* * *

It seems that boys were preparing themself for the show quite seriously, at least the start of_MG_3950 the heats showed that it was promising. Reserved summery open-style, Elvish with colors that are decent only for this age. Close fitting, sporty clothes. With this style, be careful, not for each height will suit it.

WARDROBE by Nevan Kaluarachchi


Palm beach and flowery clothes comes to an end, which not so long ago adorned the street. I would not say that it belonged to a modern urban style, even on hot summer days. With Nevan Kaluarachchi design, – all the doors are open.

Color contrast, simplicity, fitting clothes emphasizes cheerful and sporty, flexible, perhaps a bit distracted course. There are light street sandals with a firm sole on.

Nothing will happen especially if they are wet by the beach waters. The dark colors well suits, and makes contrast with tanned body. During the summer, anywhere – on the street, the culture events, or simply an evening picnic. Simplicity and seductive attractiveness.

* * *


P.M. Amsterdam