_MG_2674 pacific

Have you ever seen the sky and the earth gods negotiations. When they sent thunder and storms on earth. And when the anger subsides, the world appears in a different color. This happens there,  far in the East, where a new day being born.



It is part of the world where the evening is greeted by the morning, where the gods meet.

There is nowhere else on the globe a place, where there are two so different in terms of evolution, contrasting civilizations. As the reminder of itself, the old world still is living in the wilderness’s breathe. As a messenger of the cultural age, through the generations of generations, it continues to build and cultivate a cultural heritage. Their gods have created natural environmental isolation from uninvited guests from the outside world.

The life of a man is short enough to fully understand this part of the world. However, if someone is trying to convince, that there are no more white spots on the map, then absolutely, this is the corner of the world that holds a lot of mysteries.