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(2) Cover your nose when ...

Don’t shame about the work you’re doing, if it benefits the public. Shame on you, doing nothing.


Monster track in a capital

Well, when this garbage monster appears in the streets, perforce, clamp the nose. The stench is so unbearable, that even the best respirator will not save you from this terrible smell. Basically, it is an open truck with a small roof cover, which only serves as a shield from the hot sun. This 21-century design, accompanied by odor, can be recognized from afar. View shows even more impressive, seeing four smiling boys in serving this rammish monster. There were no indications that the guys should be ashamed for making such a demeaning work. Even more: they showed joy and even pride. Confused about their pride, I tried for a moment to be with them, and look into the conduct of their work. I think that not everyone will rise a hand, to make this work.

Work begins from early morning, with the first light. Then, the streets are less crowded and easier to collect a waste. The worst area is the bus station and the market. In these areas is difficult to find litter bins on the streets. Everything is thrown on the ground. When the truck arrives, the waste are collected, without sorting and simply thrown into the lorry. Let us look at, what might be found there. Rooms interior, scrap metal, broken glass, plastic products, textile waste, used clothes, pieces of wood, electronics .. and all this mixed with food residues. The boys worked without gloves, and they did not even have the plastic bags, to gather up the waste.

All waste that was lying on the street, were picked up with bare hands. An even greater surprise was, when the boys were having lunch right there in a truck, sitting on the waste and discussing something among themselves. The boys were happy to have got a job. They did not complain about the food, they found it on the spot. Often passers-by threw a bite. For the hard work that they did in the hot sun, reward was only three dollars. This is a huge degree of risk assumed by these boys. All around is completely unsanitary conditions and the possibility of getting infected is very high.

However, there was only the coin’s reverse side. In fact, it revealed a lot more than that. These boys talked about their families: brothers and sisters, and also that this work gives little benefit to the family.

Rather shamefaced, they mentioned about the school which, due to the difficult financial considerations had to leave, but would like to continue. They look with hope in the future, as all the youth, that will never return to this work. The boys are just looking forward, to the newly elected president, who will introduce changes in the country.

P.M. Nairobi.

(1) More in the air than on the ground

These guys every day more hanging themselves in the air than on the ground. Their walking after work is like a seaman, who after a long journey, coming up out of the boat, still continues swinging.



Bridge over the Zambezi

  Guys do not recall the date of the first time they begun to work on the bungee jumping. Although Tatani T. Shoko 27 and Tgnba Sibanda 26, confessed that they were frightened after the first jump, however, they could not show it.

It was something unforgettable. When the foundation vanished underfoot… For a moment, I felt that I could fly like a bird… The world at that moment showed itself in other colors. I felt the cool breeze during the free fall, which renewed my thoughts and my body being filled with tremendous energy. Thousands of thoughts rushed into my head … and I decided that I will change a lot in my future life.

Almost each of the visitors have changed their views after an unforgettable moment with bungee jumping. How many people have gone miraculous flight, to be able to enjoy the free fall? Within two decades, probably figure could reach thousands of visitors. This period has not experienced any incidents. If sometimes the strong wind had entangled cables. Due to bad weather conditions, jumps from the bridge usually is canceled . It is also a precondition for the guarantees and security which the team, taking into account the experience, has been developed as strict conditions. Here they are, the smiling guys, that before the flight always encourages visitors. However, it always has been formulated so that the visitor would feel free and unconstrained to do something extraordinary. They knows how to cheer up before the fall, and always wishes – Happy flight!

… Hm, and then, when you have lost footing, after a wonderful flight upside down you descend to the water surface, your hands touching the Zambezi river, you’re scooping water onto your hand and quench thirst – it is unforgettable, never, never it will no longer be …

Narrow jungle trail takes you near the river shore. The air is very humid. The large stones in the river bank are covered with a layer of moss and are very slippery. You must be very careful crawling over them. When you got closer to the bridge, the river waters begin to subside gradually, the wind dissipates the clouds of fog and you can be a witness to a breathtaking view.

Bridge over the Zambezi River linking the two countries, Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Bridge height; 111 m (364 ft)
length; 198m (650 ft)


Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe

Up to the end of the 20th century, the bridge was of strategic importance. It was the railway axis, which delivered the goods over the hinterland. Because of its old structure, the bridge has remained dangerous, and is no longer used for heavy loads.

Today, the bridge with its own history, wonderful surroundings, attracts tourists from all over the world. It is located near the Victoria Falls, which is an additional attraction. Waterfall mist clouds and deafening noise already heard kilometers away. On this historic bridge, attractions been going on for two decades.

You consider yourself fortunate, if you will get into the smiling boys shift. Believe it, they will do everything for you on a visit to Zimbabwe, to remain the best memories.

Service offers three attractions;

Bungy Jump – 70 m free flight, almost up to the river surface

Swing Bridge – swinging along the bridge                                                

Bridge Slide – a trip rope along the edge of the bridge

Call it as you want, whether it is overcoming of cowardice, or the dose of adrenaline. Bold leap will give you the impetus to reflect on all, that has been done and what remains to be done. Come, try and you will experience moments of transformation.

P.M. Zimbabwe